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Our school publishes a newsletter every Friday. Copies of current and past editions can be downloaded from here.

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

TESS Newsletter 14 July 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 14 July 2017TESS Newsletter 14 July 201714/07/20171229 KB
TESS Newsletter 16 June 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter Friday 16 June 2017TESS Newsletter 16 June 201716/06/20171557 KB
TESS Newsletter 2 June 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter Friday 2 June 2017TESS Newsletter 2 June 20172/06/20171811 KB
TESS Newsletter 19 May 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Friday 19 May 2017TESS Newsletter 19 May 201719/05/20174049 KB
TESS Newsletter 5 May 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 5 May 2017TESS Newsletter 5 May 20175/05/20177694 KB
TESS Newsletter 21 April 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 21 April 2017TESS Newsletter 21 April 201721/04/20172076 KB
TESS Newsletter 24 March 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 24 March 2017TESS Newsletter 24 March 201724/03/2017898 KB
TESS Newsletter 10 March 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 10 March 2017TESS Newsletter 10 March 201710/03/2017777 KB
TESS Newsletter 24 Feb (Read-Only).pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 24 February 2017TESS Newsletter 24 Feb (Read-Only)24/02/20171558 KB
TESS Newsletter 10 Feb 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School 10 February 2017TESS Newsletter 10 Feb 201710/02/20171593 KB
TESS Newsletter 27 January 2017.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 27 January 2017TESS Newsletter 27 January 201727/01/2017632 KB
TESS Newsletter 7 Decemberr (Read-Only).pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 7 December 2016TESS Newsletter 7 Decemberr (Read-Only)7/12/2016366 KB
TESS Newsletter 25 November  2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 25 November 2016TESS Newsletter 25 November 201625/11/2016950 KB
TESS Newsletter 28 October 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 28 October 2016TESS Newsletter 28 October 201628/10/2016923 KB
TESS Newsletter 21 October (Read-Only).pdfToowoomba East State School 21 October 2016TESS Newsletter 21 October (Read-Only)21/10/2016226 KB
TESS Newsletter 14 October 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 14 October 2016TESS Newsletter 14 October 201614/10/2016337 KB
TESS Newsletter 9 September 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 9 September 2016TESS Newsletter 9 September 20169/09/20161277 KB
TESS Newsletter 12 August 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 12 August 2016TESS Newsletter 12 August 201612/08/20161053 KB
TESS Newsletter 29 July 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 29 July 2016TESS Newsletter 29 July 201629/07/20161111 KB
TESS Newsletter15 July 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 15 July 2016TESS Newsletter15 July 201615/07/2016664 KB
TESS Newsletter 24 June 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 24 June 2016TESS Newsletter 24 June 201624/06/20161269 KB
TESS Newsletter 10 June 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 10 June 2016TESS Newsletter 10 June 201610/06/2016334 KB
TESS Newsletter 27 May 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School Newsletter 27 May 2016TESS Newsletter 27 May 201627/05/2016621 KB
TESS Newsletter 29 April 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School 29 April 2016TESS Newsletter 29 April 201629/04/2016641 KB
TESS Newsletter 15 April 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School 15 April 2016TESS Newsletter 15 April 201615/04/2016318 KB
TESS Newsletter 24 March 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School 24 March 2016TESS Newsletter 24 March 201624/03/20161762 KB
TESS Newsletter Friday 11 March 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School 11 March 2016TESS Newsletter Friday 11 March 201611/03/2016510 KB
TESS Newsletter 26 February 2016.pdfTESS Newsletter 26 February 2016TESS Newsletter 26 February 201626/02/2016660 KB
TESS Newsletter12 February 2016.pdfToowoomba East State School 12 February 2016TESS Newsletter12 February 201612/02/20161297 KB
TESS Newsletter 29 January 2016 final.pdfToowoomba East State School 29 January 2016TESS Newsletter 29 January 2016 final29/01/2016309 KB
TESS Newsletter 20 November.pdfTESS Newsletter 20 NovemberTESS Newsletter 20 November20/11/2015519 KB
newsletter-2015-11-06.pdfNewsletter 6 November 2015newsletter-2015-11-066/11/2015443 KB
TESS Newsletter 23 October 2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 23 October 2015TESS Newsletter 23 October 201523/10/2015557 KB
TESS Newsletter 9 Octoberr.pdfToowoomba East State School 9 October 2015TESS Newsletter 9 Octoberr9/10/2015350 KB
TESS Newsletter 18 September.pdfToowoomba East State School 18 September 2015TESS Newsletter 18 September18/09/2015603 KB
TESS Newsletter 4 September 2015 No2.pdfToowoomba East State School 4 September 2015TESS Newsletter 4 September 2015 No24/09/20152071 KB
TESS Newsletter - 21 August 2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 21 August 2015TESS Newsletter - 21 August 201521/08/20152426 KB
Newsletter 7 August 2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 7 August 2015Newsletter 7 August 20157/08/2015794 KB
TESS - Newsletter 24 July 2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 24 July 2015TESS - Newsletter 24 July 201524/07/20151133 KB
Newsletter 19 June 2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 19 June 2015Newsletter 19 June 201519/06/2015792 KB
Newsletter 5 June 2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 5 June 2015Newsletter 5 June 20155/06/2015446 KB
newsletter-2015-06-05.pdfToowoomba East State School 5 June 2015newsletter-2015-06-055/06/2015446 KB
Newsletter_TESS_2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 22 May 2015Newsletter_TESS_201522/05/2015965 KB
Newsletter_TESS_2015 pub.pdfToowoomba East State School 8 May 2015Newsletter_TESS_2015 pub8/05/2015472 KB
newsletter-2015-05-08.pdfToowoomba East State School 8 May 2015newsletter-2015-05-088/05/2015471 KB
newsletter-2015-04-24.pdfToowoomba East State School 24 April 2015newsletter-2015-04-2424/04/2015354 KB
Newsletter_TESS_2015.pubNO2.pdfToowoomba East State School 27 March 2015Newsletter_TESS_2015.pubNO227/03/20151002 KB
newsletter-2015-03-27.pdfToowoomba East State School 27 March 2015newsletter-2015-03-2727/03/20151001 KB
Newsletter_TESS_13-03-2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 13 March 2015Newsletter_TESS_13-03-201513/03/2015552 KB
Newsletter 27-02-2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 27 February 2015Newsletter 27-02-201527/02/201566 KB
Newsletter 13-02-2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 13 January 2015Newsletter 13-02-201513/02/2015712 KB
Newsletter 30-01-2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 30 January 2015Newsletter 30-01-201530/01/201545 KB
Newsletter 12-01-2015.pdfToowoomba East State School 12 January 2015Newsletter 12-01-201512/01/201537 KB
newsletter-12-12-14.pdfnewsletter-2014-12-12newsletter-12-12-1412/12/2014957 KB
newsletter-10-12-14.pdfnewsletter-10-12-14newsletter-10-12-1410/12/2014811 KB
newsletter-28-11-14 2.pdfnewsletter-2014-11-28newsletter-28-11-14 228/11/2014225 KB
newsletter-14-11-14 2.pdfToowoomba East State School 14 November 2014newsletter-14-11-14 214/11/201459 KB
newsletter-31-10-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 31 October 2014newsletter-31-10-1431/10/201466 KB
newsletter 17 10 14.pdfToowoomba East State School 17 October 2014newsletter 17 10 1417/10/201474 KB
newsletter-2014-10-10.pdfToowoomba East State School 10 October 2014newsletter-2014-10-1010/10/201476 KB
newsletter-12-09-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 12 September 2014newsletter-12-09-1412/09/201467 KB
newsletter-29-08-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 29 August 2014newsletter-29-08-1429/08/20142190 KB
newsletter-15-08-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 15 August 2014newsletter-15-08-1415/08/2014559 KB
newsletter-01-08-14.pdfnewsletter-2014-08-01newsletter-01-08-141/08/20141784 KB
newsletter-18-07-14.pdfnewsletter-2014-07-18newsletter-18-07-1418/07/2014184 KB
newsletter-20-06-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 20 June 2014newsletter-20-06-1420/06/20141094 KB
newsletter-2014-06-06.pdfToowoomba East State School 6 June 2014newsletter-2014-06-066/06/2014217 KB
newsletter-2014-05-23.pdfToowoomba East State School 23 May 2014newsletter-2014-05-2323/05/2014889 KB
newsletter-08-05-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 9 May 2014newsletter-08-05-149/05/2014640 KB
newsletter-2014-04-24.pdfToowoomba East State School 24 April 2014newsletter-2014-04-2424/04/201481 KB
newsletter-28-03-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 28 March 2014newsletter-28-03-1428/03/2014151 KB
newsletter-2014-03-14.pdfToowoomba East State Schoolnewsletter-2014-03-1414/03/2014393 KB
newsletter-28-02-14.pdfnewsletter-28-02-14newsletter-28-02-1428/02/2014336 KB
newsletter-14-02-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 14 February 2014newsletter-14-02-1414/02/2014563 KB
newsletter-31-01-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 31 January 2014newsletter-31-01-1431/01/2014205 KB
newsletter-2013-11-11.pdfToowoomba East State School 11 November 2013newsletter-2013-11-1111/11/2013945 KB
newsletter-2013-10-25.pdfToowoomba East State School 25 October 2013newsletter-2013-10-2525/10/2013785 KB
newsletter-2013-10-11.pdfToowoomba East State School 11 October 2013newsletter-2013-10-1111/10/2013375 KB
newsletter-2013-09-20.pdfToowoomba East State School 20 September 2013newsletter-2013-09-2020/09/2013906 KB
newsletter-2013-09-06.pdfToowoomba East State School 06 September 2013newsletter-2013-09-066/09/2013816 KB
newsletter-2013-08-23.pdfToowoomba East State Schoolnewsletter-2013-08-2323/08/2013888 KB
newsletter-2013-08-09.pdfToowoomba East State School 09 August 2013newsletter-2013-08-099/08/20131897 KB
newsletter-2013-07-26.pdfToowoomba East State School 26 July 2013newsletter-2013-07-2626/07/2013711 KB
newsletter-2013-07-12.pdfToowoomba East State School 12 July 2013newsletter-2013-07-1212/07/2013560 KB
newsletter-2013-06-14.pdfToowoomba East State School 14 June 2013newsletter-2013-06-1414/06/20134299 KB
newsletter-2013-05-31.pdfToowoomba East State School 31 May 2013newsletter-2013-05-3131/05/2013663 KB
newsletter-2013-05-24.pdfToowoomba East State School 24 May 2013newsletter-2013-05-2424/05/2013580 KB
newsletter-2013-05-17.pdfToowoomba East State School 17 May 2013newsletter-2013-05-1717/05/2013802 KB
newsletter-2013-05-10.pdfToowoomba East Statte School 10 May 2013newsletter-2013-05-1010/05/2013363 KB
newsletter-2013-05-03.pdfToowoomba East State School 03 May 2013newsletter-2013-05-033/05/2013936 KB
newsletter-2013-04-26.pdfToowoomba East State School 26 April 2013newsletter-2013-04-2626/04/2013407 KB
newsletter-2013-04-19.pdfToowoomba East State School 19 April 2013newsletter-2013-04-1919/04/2013428 KB
newsletter-2013-03-28.pdfToowoomba East State School 28 March 2013newsletter-2013-03-2828/03/2013543 KB
newsletter-2013-03-22.pdfToowoomba East State School 22 March 2013newsletter-2013-03-2222/03/2013387 KB
newsletter-2013-03-15.pdfToowoomba East State School 15 March 2013newsletter-2013-03-1515/03/2013866 KB
newsletter-2013-03-08.pdfToowoomba East State School 08 March 2013newsletter-2013-03-088/03/2013646 KB
newsletter-2013-03-01.pdfToowoomba East State School 01 March 2013newsletter-2013-03-011/03/20132318 KB
newsletter 2013-02-22.pdfToowoomba East State School 22 February 2013newsletter 2013-02-2222/02/20131364 KB
newsletter-2013-02-15.pdfToowoomba East State School 15 February 2013newsletter-2013-02-1515/02/201347 KB
newsletter-2013-02-08.pdfToowoomba East State School 08 February 2013newsletter-2013-02-0811/02/20131663 KB
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