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Testing and assessment

How do we assess at Toowoomba East State School?

Assessment takes various forms and fulfils a variety of purposes:

  • Assessment for learning - enabling teachers to use information about student progress to inform their teaching.
  • Assessment of learning - assisting teachers to use evidence of student learning to assess student achievement against goals and standards
  • Assessment as learning - enabling students to reflect on and monitor their own progress to inform their future learning goals.

Assessment – for learning

At Toowoomba East State School we have a calendar for data collection. Summative assessment data collected is utilised by teachers to evaluate students' learning in preparation for starting a new year or a new unit. Formative assessment data is collected throughout each unit of work to monitor student learning. After learning goals are allocated for each unit a pre-assessment allows teachers to find out what students know and can do already. This informs and shapes the way that students will be taught. Continuous and regular formative assessments enable teachers to monitor student progress towards learning goals.

Assessment – of learning

At Toowoomba East State School we collate data on distance travelled by collecting work samples through a variety of means as reflected in our whole school assessment plan. This will include evidence provided through systemic and school based testing and through evidence collected in the summative assessments which are part of the units taught.

Assessment – as learning

At Toowoomba East State School we provide students with opportunities to monitor their progress at different junctures throughout the teaching and learning cycle in order to reflect on their learning and their progress towards learning goals.